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Sun at 0:04
what is a thread
Sun at 0:06
Sun at 0:06
i just bought minecraftzz
Vamp2004 @ Violet Lv 255
Sun at 0:08
A thread is a page where you can easily view information people have posted. I think a video might be easier to understand.. Let me get you one.
Sun at 0:08
ok bruu
Vamp2004 @ Violet Lv 255
Sun at 0:13 : Just click that link and the video will walk you through everything to be able to play Pixelmon.
Sun at 0:17
What do you need to join Violet?
Sun at 0:21
where do we use safari points
ITzZUBERDOG @ Violet Lv 255
Sun at 0:22
To join violet you need pixelmon 3.2.8
Sun at 1:19
it dosnt work
Sun at 1:20
pixelmon 3.2.8 is installed, and it dosnt work
Sun at 1:20
Soul works,
Sun at 1:20
but Violet dosnt
Sun at 1:26
You might have 3.2.9 installed if soul works
Sun at 4:55
I got down to pixelmon 3.2.8 mod rejections [FMLMod: pixelmon {3.2.8}]
Sun at 4:56
[FMLMod: pixelmon {3.2.8}] got down to pixelmon 3.2.8 mod rejections as moxibustion
Sun at 4:57
[FMLMod: pixelmon {3.2.8}] How do I tteuneunde
Sun at 4:57
Somebody help me
SassyKat74 @ Violet Lv 255
Sun at 5:21
do you have forge installed as well
Sun at 15:38
what do Safari points do?
WeepingAngel_Who @ Violet Lv 255
Sun at 16:31
You can use safari points for certain things on violet like getting a name change or random pokemon with /buy
Sun at 20:02
is violet on 3.3.1?
Sun at 20:37
i cant submit
23 hours ago
violet is on 3.2.8 till there is a more stable version
13 hours ago
13 hours ago
anyone know when they will fix hunger in safari games?
12 hours ago
does someone here want to play safari games with us right now
Vamp2004 @ Violet Lv 255
5 hours ago
Be sure to check our contests section of the forums for current things going on for Violet server! =3
3 hours ago
can you buy VIP for safari games?
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Sep 13th 2014 - Gyms are complete! Prepare your teams for the Gym Leaders! - Safari Games Map Competition Details on homepage! - Oct 18th 2014 Battle Tournaments and Building Events are going on all month! Check out Contests section of forums or ask in game!
Pixelmon Gaming News

Welcome to Pixelmon Gaming

Sir_d00d @ Violet Lv 255
posted Sep 21, 14
Hello guests!

Welcome to the Pixelmon Gaming Homepage, if you're new to the community then welcome! Allow me to show you how to get started and join our awesome community and servers! Simply click this link here.

Already have Forge and the Pixelmon mod? No problem, you can skip straight to the server page and get the IP of the server you wish to join! Just click the Servers link below!

Senior Moderator,

Safari Map Competition!

ITzZUBERDOG @ Violet Lv 255
posted Sep 14, 14
Howdy Pixelmon Fans!

We are very pleased to announce a brand new safari map design competition!

What we need:
a Fully functional safari map containing the following:
-Every biome currently implemented in Minecraft (joining ex+ and M helps)
-Intermission Room and/or pokecenter
-Fancy Arena 

The winner will recieve a significant prize (to be announced soon)
Post all entries  here please add some screenshots! 
Any questions please ask in the comments below!

-Thanks Zuber GL :D

Greetings, Minecraft and Pixelmon fans!

As you know, us admins, moderators and all staff alike are constantly working behind the scenes to make this server better for you. We thank you for your endless patience and loyalty through everything that goes on.

That said, we are currently working on something that we really want you guys to be involved in; tutorials!

What we need from you is how we can help you and new players play more easily and understand the server more easily. Any help you can provide us with that we decide to great and use will be credited and rewarded.

Want to help us out? Head on over to this topic to find out how!

silentblade1 At the end of the tutorial there can be a quiz guy, the quiz will be about whats happened in the tutorial, if they get t ...
silentblade1 what npc plugin are you using?
ParadoxOfSanity I know a problem I had when I was first getting started was figuring out the buttons, especially on pixelmon. So a butto ...

Charity to TheCrystalCrow

ITzZUBERDOG @ Violet Lv 255
posted Aug 18, 14
Hi All,

Isi and Pixelmon just jumped in to help out TheCrystalCrow!

As of now and for the next 2 days any donations to the server will be used to donate to this amazing cause AND any pokemon donated for will be doubled so one zapdos donation = two zapdos!

Please Help out if you can! Our Donation page is up their^^^^^^

So go help out a good cause!

-Thanks Pixelmon Gaming 

Violet Is Back!

Defaeco posted Aug 2, 14
Violet is back in action! You can give a big thanks to ITzZUBERDOG and Isi for working hard on this; Zuber even stayed up in to the wee hours of the morning.

EDIT 2: Mojang side seems to be resolved but there is still an issue we have to resolve on our end. It may still be a while yet but we at least have a solution to the problem, it is actively being fixed up as I type this. 

EDIT: Mojang itself is having issues on their side so this is delaying things a bit more.
Will edit this post again when all is well!

Hi guys!

As you no doubt noticed Violet has been down since late last night. There was some issues with last nights much anticipated Pixelmon update that caused the server to become a bit problematic.

Rest assured, we are very aware of the situation and it is being worked on to get everything back in order asap. Myself and the other staff are keeping in constant contact with each other so we can alert you of the server being back up as soon as all is sorted out.

We thank you for your never ending patience!

wh72 Tacos
grant37 how can i join pixelmon?
bribri88 does anyone know how to get to the game?

3.2.1 UPDATE!

ITzZUBERDOG @ Violet Lv 255
posted Aug 1, 14
Yes the update is out grab it here (copy&paste URL not working sorry)

Ignore.jar is the correct file it just has the wrong name this may or may not effect you 

Thanks and have fun in 3.2.1!
mazeny how do you play!!!!!!
NoPlayerHateX "clap-clap"


ITzZUBERDOG @ Violet Lv 255
posted Jul 8, 14
Now as most of you know by now were migrating to violet!

To actually get your pokemon you need to use 1.6.4 pixelmon and join the following ips to use /store and then /claim on violet!

Green :

Now as crystal is all shiny it would harm the servers economy if we integrated it into this system so therefore any pokemon on crystal will not be allowed to be tranferred to violet

Thanks for bearing with us with the update guys, pixelmon as a whole underwent ID changes which cost you your items and we literally have no way of getting them back, think of it as a fresh start in a new world of pixelmon!

shark497 i hate this because the servers are down and I don't have screenshots anymore because I had like a lvl 100 mew
X_tremeBros I cant get the pixelmon 1.6.4 so is it possibly you can transfer them to the server
skilly1996 guys the servers are down for now the only one that is up at the moment is violet the ip is ...

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here; Violet is now running the latest Pixelmon, 3.1.1!
This is in the 1.7.2 version of minecraft so head over to the Pixelmon Mod official website to download the latest Pixelmon release, you can also find a link to 1.7.2 Forge over there too.

Violet is also on it's own IP address and can no longer be accessed using /violet in the hub.
Connect with:

alan rudzki looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
andreas5005 hmm i took all my best stuff like balls and candys in enderchest and inv but when i logged on everything was gone ?
hikervill Badger a mod told me that violet will be the only survival server so downgrade and go on yoru server you play and do /st ...
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