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17 hours ago
17 hours ago
I have no perms to even connect to the ts
17 hours ago
When i try to get on
17 hours ago
"insufficient permissions"
ChaosDragonI @ Violet Lv 255
17 hours ago
why does the server keep crashing?
17 hours ago
Because potato.
17 hours ago
its unkknow
17 hours ago
15 hours ago
well violet went down again, so gn everyone
14 hours ago
heyhey is it ack up
14 hours ago
14 hours ago
yea i no
14 hours ago
sooo.... how are you
14 hours ago
it went bck up right before i got off and im good
14 hours ago
soo im puzzeled wheres the safari store
14 hours ago
with points
14 hours ago
id have an answer for u on that one
14 hours ago
9 hours ago
Yes! just caught articuno :d
is it hard to find shrines?
6 hours ago
not arti shrines zapdos and moltres shrines are hard
6 hours ago
Zapdos and moltres are kinda hard,
6 hours ago
Moltres's is in Mesa.
SassyKat74 @ Violet Lv 255
5 hours ago
Is the server down?
5 hours ago
5 hours ago
we are having some console issues
5 hours ago
Please be patient...
SassyKat74 @ Violet Lv 255
4 hours ago
i am. Was just wondering.
2 hours ago
anyone selling shinys
ChaosDragonI @ Violet Lv 255
39 mins ago
if there r any admins on, plz take a look at my post in techinical support
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Pixelmon Gaming News
Now as most of you know by now were migrating to violet!

To actually get your pokemon you need to use 1.6.4 pixelmon and join the following ips to use /store and then /claim on violet!

Green :

Now as crystal is all shiny it would harm the servers economy if we integrated it into this system so therefore any pokemon on crystal will not be allowed to be tranferred to violet

Thanks for bearing with us with the update guys, pixelmon as a whole underwent ID changes which cost you your items and we literally have no way of getting them back, think of it as a fresh start in a new world of pixelmon!

skilly1996 guys the servers are down for now the only one that is up at the moment is violet the ip is ...
lyndenkelley i tried but the servers arent up
lyndenkelley how much time do we have until we cant transfer anymore

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here; Violet is now running the latest Pixelmon, 3.1.1!
This is in the 1.7.2 version of minecraft so head over to the Pixelmon Mod official website to download the latest Pixelmon release, you can also find a link to 1.7.2 Forge over there too.

Violet is also on it's own IP address and can no longer be accessed using /violet in the hub.
Connect with:

alan rudzki looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
andreas5005 hmm i took all my best stuff like balls and candys in enderchest and inv but when i logged on everything was gone ?
hikervill Badger a mod told me that violet will be the only survival server so downgrade and go on yoru server you play and do /st ...
It is currently free to transfer any pokemon out of silver and yellow! Quick Update!
TheLPTtvAli I can't /claim on Silver! Why? Please fix that, if it's a bug!
skyninja23 Thank you SO much <3
Hi again everyone!

Now sorry we haven't done one of these in a while but we've been hard at work getting new features up and running for you!


First off is Ghost's new wondertrade system and as he is one of the owner's here we have the premium version for you all to enjoy! You'll have been noticing new announcements ingame on how to use the commands but incase you missed them here's Ghost's YouTube video to help you all get sorted out!

Market Server!

This has been a well awaited feature and in the past few weeks Isi has been hard at work implementing the plug-ins in order for the shops to function!

Now the commands to interact with the npc's is as simple as right-clicking the npc itself to open the shop then click and drag the item in order to buy from the npc.

Command usage: /store <slot> - This command is used to store a pokemon in the slot specified to be transferred to other servers! Each store costs a transfer point apart from market where all stores are free!

Command usage: /claim - This command will bring up an interface similar to when you pick your pokemon at the beginning of your time on the server simply click on the pokemon you want to claim and they will be shipped to your first open slot in your pc or player inventory in your current server!

You are currently not able to transfer in and out of violet due to the 255 pokemon! We are working on a updated version for this and we'll keep you posted as and when it is ready!

I think that's all the commands for now item transfers will be available in the next few weeks but we are working on it! If i've forgotten any other market commands i'll edit them in as soon as I realise moving on!

General command changes! + Sorry!

You may of noticed a few problems moving from server to server as we have changed the command!

Command usage: /<server name> - In hub this allows you to switch to your specified server which (ofcourse) you can still walk through the portals!

Since Wednesday and the attempted implementation of item switching some of your player inventories were overwritten with blank ones, we are very sorry for the issue and only some of you were effected but luckily you all kept your pokemon!

Thanks everybody and we'll be sure to keep you posted on any changes as and when they happen!
dagrill how do i use safari points
Ninjago_Emily how do i use safari points
RiyalyShark i can store a pokemon from the crystal server like rayquaza or blaziken to other server?
Hello again everyone!

I've been hard at work making a variety of new commands, and have been working with another Pixelmon dev - XWaffle, to create a Wonder Trade Plugin. This post will give you an overview of the new commands (some won't be added until Pixelmon 3.0 release, but Wonder Trade and Valentine's commands have just been put on all servers).

To use most of these commands, you will need to register on the site and get the Poketrainer rank. Here is the guide for registering -

Valentine's Commands
Command usage: /love
Command usage: /friendzone
These commands can be used by any registered user, once per day on each server. These are on Survival and Safari servers.

The servers no longer have /nice and /naughty, we have transitioned to /love and /friendzone. These new commands are very similar to /trick and /treat from Halloween in that the chance of getting a daily rare candy is now much better, with only occasional other prizes/effects.

Wonder Trade

Command usage: /wondertrade add <# of party slot> - put that pokemon into the trade pool
Command usage: /wondertrade time - find how long remains until trades are given out
These commands can be used by any registered user.

For those of you who played pokemon, you probably know the original version of Wondertrade. Wondertrade is a new command that lets you get rid of a random pokemon and receive a new, random one! When using Wondertrade, you can add a pokemon in your party to a big pool of pokemon added by different players on the server. Wondertrade lasts for 1 hour, and restarts every hour. At the end of the hour you will receive one random pokemon from the Wondertrade pool. If you have an open slot on your team, the pokemon will be added to your team, or if your team is full will be added to your PC. If the pokemon in Wondertrade would evolve, it will only evolve if it is added to your party, so PC additions will miss out on the evolution.

Server-wide announcements will be made letting people know whenever you place a legendary or a shiny into Wondertrade, so you can do special random giveaways with it! Occasionally, Isi and Ghost will also seed the Wondertrade pool with additional special legendary/rares/etc. If something odd happens and there ends up being more people in the pool than pokemon, you may receive a random pokeball instead of a pokemon. Anytime there are surplus pokemon in the pool, they will be kept into the next hour's pool.

PokeInfo Commands (coming soon)
Command usage: /catchrate <pokemonName> - gives the catch rate and % change for the pokemon
Command usage: /movelist <pokemonName> - gives the moves that pokemon learns at each level
Command usage: /tmlist <pokemonName> - lists all the TM and HM moves that pokemon can learn
These commands can be used by any registered user, and will be on Safari and Survival servers.

PokeChange Commands (coming soon)
These commands will work on a different system from commands that you are used to, they will be donation commands and you can purchase individual charges for each of these commands, or charges may be included in packages with ranks, etc. When you have 0 charges left of a command, it cannot be used until more charges are purchased. Each command can be used on the pokemon of your choice in your party.

Command usage: /checkcharges <command> - Tells you how many charges you have remaining - the valid command names for <command> are "gender" "growth" "happiness" "nature" "resetevs" "setivs" "shiny" "unshiny". Capitalization doesn't matter on these as they convert to lowercase in the command execution

Command usage: /gender <party slot # to change gender> <male/female> - Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the specified gender (doesn't consume the charge if it is already that gender)

Command usage: /growth <party slot # to change growth> <growth> - Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the specified growth size (doesn't consume the charge if it is already that size or if you don't spell the growth correctly)

Command usage: /happiness <party slot # to make happy> - Sets Happiness to 255 for the pokemon in the party slot given

Command usage: /nature <party slot # to change nature> <nature> - Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the specified nature (doesn't consume the charge if it is already that nature or if you don't spell the nature correctly)

Command usage: /resetevs <party slot # to reset EVs> - Sets the EVs for all categories to 0 for the pokemon in the party slot

Command usage: /setivs <party slot # to set IVs> hp:<hp> atk:<atk> def:<def> satk:<satk> sdef:<sdef> spd:<spd> - Sets the IVs for each category to the number specified for the pokemon in the party slot. IV values must be 0-31 for each slot. If a category is omitted (i.e. you didn't have sdef: as an argument, it randomly picks a number 0-31 for it).

Command usage: /shiny <party slot # to make shiny> - Changes the pokemon in the party slot given shiny (doesn't consume the charge if it is already shiny)

Command usage: /unshiny <party slot # to make normal> - Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the non-shiny form (doesn't consume the charge if it is already non-shiny)

Hopefully everyone will enjoy these new commands as they are implemented!

danny2931 i bout a pokemone and i never got it so plese help me or give me my money back
Sonic9047 What are the plugins used and if they are custom, is there a download for them?
joey101998 when will the servers become 3.0? also when will the new games be realesed?
Hello again everyone! It's that exciting time again, a new Pixelmon version is entering the beta testing phase and will be released sometime in the coming month or so! If you haven't already seen some of the new stuff check out one new Pokemon evolutionary line below!

Now, to address questions that I'm sure will come up:

When will Pixelmon 3.0 be released?

It will be ready when it is ready, we won't release until we've got it thoroughly tested and bugfixed.

When will the PixelmonGaming servers be updated to 3.0?
Following our usual cautious practices when updating, we will likely wait 2-3 days after the update before upgrading the servers to ensure that any issues such as teams vanishing, etc, that could occur on servers will NOT effect any of you. That being said, we may upgrade sooner, so look for news posts and "your Pixelmon is outdated" notifications when logging in to know for certain.

Will the servers have map wipes with this update?
NO. All servers will retain their current maps for Pixelmon 3.0 as it is still for Minecraft 1.6.4. When Pixelmon upgrades to Minecraft 1.7.X (likely in 3.1 or 3.2) THEN there will be map wipes on all the servers to allow for new biomes to be generated.

Will my favorite pokemon [Insert Name Here] be in the update?

See the Pixelmon Blog for news posts and sneak peaks, I can't give anything away that isn't officially public.
jakenight222 Lucario
Minecraft_CM do you like pi? ...
ShadowSpear22 CROBAT PLS
I just wanted to give a quick update about the three new commands available to registered players (for how to register see this post: The new commands are /ivs /evs and /hiddenpower.

/ivs <# of party member> - lets you view the IV (initial values) of the pokemon in the provided party slot (so /ivs 2 gives the IVs for the second pokemon on your team). IVs can vary between 0 and 31 for each of the six stats (HP, ATK, DEF, SpATK, SpDEF, Speed), higher values meaning the pokemon will be stronger in that stat.

/evs <# of party member> - lets you view the EV (initial values) of the pokemon in the provided party slot (so /ivs 2 gives the EVs for the second pokemon on your team). You gain EVs based on what pokemon you faint with that pokemon (any pokemon that gets EXP from a fight shares in the EVs gained from that fight). They can range from 0 to 255 for each of the 6 stats, with a maximum total for all 6 categories of 510. These points strengthen that stat of the pokemon and their effect is based on level. For example at level 100, the number of points divided by 4 is your bonus, but at level 50 its the number of points divided by 8. So 80 Speed EVs gives +20 speed at level 100, but +10 at level 50.

/hiddenpower <# of party member> - HiddenPower (TM10) is able to be learned by all pokemon, and its Type and Power depend on each pokemon's IV stats - every pokemon even within the same species can have different powers and types of hidden power (type can be anything besides Normal, and power can range from 30-70). This command will print out what element and what power level that pokemon would have if it learned hidden power. You could have a Charizard with a Power 70 Electric HiddenPower that can take out those pesky water types!

Enjoy these new commands and look for more cool commands in the coming weeks!
- GhostWolf
TargetTimeTv This command is super helpful to check out your ev's and see if you screwed up on it, thanks!
SiLentAssaSin15 when ever i join the server it says that it is full
SmaugBaggins best commands ever now i dont have to make that list of EVs XD
Happy New Year Everyone!

The new year comes with New MINIGAMES and New SERVERS! I am currently developing two new MINIGAME types that should be released in January.

Violet - Level 255 Cap
I am also nearly done developing the Violet Server, which will feature pokemon spawning wild up well into the 100+ range, and a max level cap of 255! Get ready for some extreme training!

Sneak Preview: Rocket Wars (name pending, but it seems to be decent, feel free to suggest others)
It is your turn to be a member of the Pokemon villain teams and steal pokemon from other players! Each round will start with a short safe period where players can catch pokemon with a few masterballs. Once the safe period expires, its ALL OUT WAR! Hitting players with pokeballs will force them into battle with you (everyone fully heals at the start of each PVP battle). If you defeat them, you STEAL their entire team and all the items in their inventory, and they are kicked from the server. Last Villain Standing Wins!

Sneak Preview: Random Team Battles
(name REALLY pending)
A full tournament style gamemode with each round selecting a random level 2-100, and players will be assigned 6 random Pokemon at that level. You could get a level 100 Mewtwo or a level 100 Metapod, and it is up to your skill as a trainer to achieve victory with your team. Tournament will likely be multiple elimination, or best kills per X rounds.

Have a Happy New Year
darrentran are you a boss of this games, pls show me how to login and play this darren tran
Night_Vapor This looks so amazing, I saw it first 12 minutes after it as posted, though I as too lazy to post anything. Keep it up ...
TerryJuneJr shaw what did I teach you? Gotta live that lessthanthree, sweg, and yolo life and you saying that bout Jess isn't living ...
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