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Hello Everyone!

We are in the process of updating the Violet server to Pixelmon 3.3.6. This update will take a few hours as it requires us to redownload the Violet map and load it on a client version to allow the new Dawnstone Ore blocks to be added to the world. This WILL NOT reset the map, or destroy anyones claim or items, it just will take some time. The map is 33.6 GB in size, so you can see it will take a while to upload and download. 

In the meantime, Pixelmon Showdown (ps.pixelmongs.com) and Safari (pearl.pixelmongs.com) will be updated to 3.3.6 and will be online for your enjoyment! Remember you can join Safari only in lobby phase but Showdown can be joined at any time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, we will have you back having fun soon!

LittleGougie I cant join rocket wars

The Gyms Are OPEN!

Defaeco posted Dec 11, 14
Greetings, Pixelmon fans!

As you may or may not have noticed, the gyms are open for business!
Think you have what it takes to face our gym leaders and win that badge for your collection?

I am also on the look out for some shiny new Gym Leaders to join the team. Think you have the skills to face players and beat the daylights out-- I mean, show them lots of fun?! Drop in an application and you may just become part of the Gym Leader Team!

But what do you do with these badges other than just collect them? Well, that will be revealed later, but if you think about what collecting badges means in the games, then you may already have figured it out.

To view our current team and the Gyms we have, go here:

Pixelmon Showdown!?

SassyKat74 posted Dec 9, 14
Hey Everybody!

It has been a while since we had Pixelmon Showdown on a server since Ghost hasn't updated it code since Pixelmon v3.1(lol)  Ghost finally got it updated this weekend as he was finishing up the Rocket Wars coding, so you now have a new mini-game server to play on (and soon Rocket Wars will hit open Beta)

Pixelmon Showdown IP: ps.pixelmongs.com

So what is Pixelmon Showdown

Pixelmon showdown is a fast paced battle challenge where players are given a randomly selected team each round to have their battling skills stretched to the limit as they try to acieve victory! Each round a level 1-100 is selected, and every player receives a random team of 6 pokemon with randomized move sets (biased to usually have a few strong moves), with 2 minutes to check out the team and come up with a battle plan, then everyone gets put into battle to try out their team.

Have fun and remember these rounds are going on all day everyday.  You can join at any time and if it is in the middle of a battle round you will be added to the next round.

Enjoy Showdown

Greetings, Pixelmon Gaming Players!

We just finished installing a new ticket system where you can submit a ticket for help with any issue you may have. If you previously submited an issue to the old tracking systems where you posted a forum topic, please re-submit your help request using the new ticket system.

You can access this new ticket system by clicking "Support" at the top of the page

Here you can submit a ticket and also view your existing tickets via 'My Tickets'
Use the top drop-down tab to select the appropriate type of support you need and it will generate a form related to the type of support. Fill out all fields and provide as much detail as you possible can.

This new system allows us to view and deal with your issues more quickly.
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Sun at 15:49
Sun at 15:50
ok did you fill out the parts?
Sun at 15:50
it dosen't let me
Sun at 15:50
do you see at the top of the page to the right something that says join website?
Sun at 15:51
it not let me type
Sun at 15:53
ok i get i t now
Sun at 15:53
Sun at 17:12
guys join poke showdown
Sun at 17:27
what version of pixelmon do i need?
Sun at 17:27
Sun at 17:27
Sun at 17:27
for showdown and safari and violet? is it all 3.3.7?
Sun at 17:28
Sun at 17:28
ok thanks guys.
Sun at 17:28
Sun at 17:28
Sun at 17:38
Sun at 17:38
Sun at 17:45
the server keeps crashing my mc.
Sun at 17:47
any idea why?
22 hours ago
whats the rocket wars ip currently?
DerbySnail1 @ Violet Lv 255
20 hours ago
how do u become friends with somebody?
9 hours ago
There is no pluggin to add people to friends on the server but to trust people in a claim you do /trust name
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
Paradox: If you want to, you could make a Tech Support Ticket and we could further assess the issue.
8 hours ago
Derby: You go to their Enjin profile, and should be able to send them a friend request there. Get to their Enjin profile by clicking their name.
8 hours ago
Ohai Vamp
8 hours ago
:) Turner!
8 hours ago
:) <3
2 hours ago
ironman u there?
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