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So one of the things our staff has been working very hard on is some guides to help out everyone. <3

Here they are:

Guides Location

You can expect more to be coming later! We hope this helps everyone out!

Until next time,

~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~


^ That awesome link above is to our new official Facebook page. ^

That page will be run by our fellow staff so keep an eye out there for some of our server updates, as well as here.

Hope to see you there!

~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~

Hey everyone!

Great news for Violet players now. We have our server shop fully open again! Buying and selling of most items is available at /warp shop . The first floor of the shop is for buying things. The second floor is for selling items. The third floor has our select variety items; basically items that only certain people ask for but not in to high of demand. Third floor patio area has a spot to take care of Pokemail for those of you interested in it.

Server Shop Inside

If you would like to see certain items added to the shop please leave myself or a fellow Admin a message on the forums here and we can see about adding it in.

I appreciate your patience in waiting on this to get done and we hope you will enjoy it!

More news to come soon!

~Staff Admin~


Greetings, Pixelmon Gaming Fans!

For a while now, as you may have noticed if you've seen me around on the server, I've been trying to think of more contests to host. While I have a few roughs ideas, I really want to hear what you guys want to see!

We always value your suggestions and contests is something that is 100% aimed at you for you guys to have fun and win cool prizes, so this will help me and all other staff members come up with contests for you that you want to see.

So what kind of contests do you enjoy? Is there a type of contest you want us to run? Is there types you don't like? Past ones you'd like to see done again?

To make a suggestion and/or join in the discussion, head here:

Contest Suggestion Thread

- Def