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Violet Update

Vamp2004 posted Sep 3, 15

Hey everyone!

I know it has been a while since we posted an update so thought it would be a good time to!

The map reset for Violet is still happening. I know quite a few were wondering what the delay was. Well the most that I can say right now is that with the reset we have been having to fix a few things that are taking longer then expected to fix.

Updating to 1.8? Currently things are quite buggy with 1.8. Instead of releasing something that could possibly cause quite a few problems we would rather spend the time to make things right. When will this happen? We currently don't know.

I apologize that we can not give more of an update on these related things but we will be sure to inform you as soon as we have things closer to happening.

Other related smaller topics:

Events on the server will resume once Violet map resets. We will be hosting a build event the same as before and we will be checking it once a month. We do have a few other events in the works so expect a bit once this happens.

Some have been asking on how to get to Ghost's server. In order to obtain access to this you must subscribe to his Twitch channel, not his YouTube channel; although it wouldn't hurt to sub to both. Once you have subbed to his Twitch you can do /server Ghost from the hub to head over there.

Having any issues with players? Please remember to screenshot anything that happens, default for this is the f2 key. More information is always a good thing. You can then make a support ticket under Help/Support to report your problem. We like to promote a positive gaming environment for all, and that is our goal. If things happen and it's not reported then we can't exactly know that it happened. If you aren't sure on something be sure to check Violet server for one of our staff, or even join us on Team Speak to chat with us directly. 

I hope this helps clear up some recent questions. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

Have an awesome day PokeTrainers!

~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~

Quick Update

Vamp2004 posted Jul 23, 15

The new spawn for Violet is done being built, now we are just waiting on coding and background things to be finished.

Just to clarify:
The ONLY thing that will carry over for the reset will be Pokemon.
All inventory, enderchests, money, and claimblocks will be cleared.
Money and claim blocks will be set to default.
If you have purchased things via donation, make a VIP Support ticket, but be aware if it is not in our store anymore then we can not give that thing in particular back at this time.

Any further questions feel free to ask the staff.
Thank you.

~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~

Upcoming change

Vamp2004 posted Jul 17, 15

So everyone has probably been hearing of the staff working on something for the server.
Well we have been working on a new spawn for Violet.
Why is this?
Well Violet map is over a year old now and as some know that makes the map laggy or most area's not to good to build in.
Once we are done building this new spawn Violet's map will be reset.
What's this mean?
Well unfortunately with have some id issues previously this means Inventories, Enderchests, money and claim blocks are going to be reset. ONLY Pokemon will carry over.
This will give everyone more of an equal opportunity in stepping forward on the server and reduce lag we were getting.
So in light of all of this when should it be expected for the map to reset?
We are currently expecting the spawn to be done being built within a week's time, two weeks at most.

We apologize for any inconvience this might cause and feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you,
~Staff Admin - Vamp2004~

Build Event!

Vamp2004 posted Jun 11, 15

Hey everyone!

We are going to be holding an official build event for the server! 
If your build is picked it will become an official part of the server.
Be sure to place a sign on your build to give yourself credit.

You will also win a prize! 

We can give the following:
Pokemon of your choice, possibly even legendary.
Rare candies
Claim blocks
+ More!

When your build is done for this event let a staff member know so we can check it out.
You could also post into the thread with a screenshot of your build.
If you post a screenshot it at least must show the chat to prove it's on our server, and the coordinates.
If you didn't by chance know, pushing f3 will show coordinates on your minecraft screen.

What kind of builds are we looking for?
Small Houses
3d Pokemon
Towers; for say a pokemon to go on top
Bridges or walkways across water

We certainly aren't limited to these options so if you think your build is nice feel free to submit it!


Looking forward to seeing everyones work!

martell818 how do u play it
Suga Sounds Fun Cx but i wish i could connect haha