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New hub!

Defaeco posted Sun at 11:31

You may have already noticed our new hub when connecting with existing IP address to our servers. You can now connect to the hub and use the /server command to connect to violet, safari or rocket wars. You can also use this command on any of the servers to switch to others and /server hub to return to the hub.

Violet is still on 3.3.9 beta, so be sure to check your mods folder before connecting to Violet. Safari and Rocket Wars are running 3.3.8.

Last but not least, there is also an alert displayed now to tell you whenever Safari and Rocket Wars is in lobby phase and able to be joined. This alert will display on every server, so you could hang out in Violet and play some survival or chill in the hub while waiting for a new round to begin.

Have fun!

Violet updated to 3.3.9

Defaeco posted Jan 15, 15
Greetings, Pixelmon fans!

Violet has been updated to the latest release, 3.3.9. You can grab this new release from the official Pixelmon downloads page:

Pixelmon Downloads

Please keep in mind that this is a BETA release so it is not entirely stable. We suggest keeping an eye on the downloads page and the news here at Pixelmon Gaming for a further update.

You can report any bugs you find or check if your bug has already been reported on the Pixelmon Bug Tracker:

Bug Tracker

Did you know we hold regular contests here at Pixelmon Gaming?

Us staff think up fun things we can hold for you. Currently, we have three different contests on offer, so surely one of them will interest you!

The Big Four Battle Event
- Love to battle? Show you're the best around in this contest!

Pokemart Building Contest - Maybe building is more your thing. Show off your building skills!

Once Upon an Arcanine - Or maybe a simple, easy short-story contest to make us laugh or ont he edge of our seats.

All these contests have great prizes from shiny pokemon to rare items. Check them out!
AT SLAYER Great contests - Sorry for the spam!
AT SLAYER Great contests pal!

Violet Updated to 3.3.8

Vamp2004 posted Dec 27, 14
Hey everyone!

We have another update out so be sure to go and grab it: http://www.pixelmonmod.com/downloads.php

Also a reminder is that we are using a new support system with tickets. Click the Support tab on the top on the page to be able to make one.

See you around!
Vamp2004 This isn't the place to post that comment, and you have to make a Ban Appeal to get any ban sorted out.
bryanb07 Vamp can u see y i got banned from violet randomly plz i need to record an episode